Our Clients

At VIXICOM, we are obsessed with doing things right. Great people, strong leadership and proven quality processes enable us to deliver excellent service, and exceed expectations by leveraging top talent and best-in-class technology. Our core focus is excellence in service delivery built on results and quality-driven processes, which we have developed across our more than 45 years of combined industry experience.

Our customers rest assured, knowing that their critical business functions are proactively managed by our dedicated management and agent teams.


Rich Salazar

Sr. Sales Manager – EarthLink

Vixicom is a true sales machine. Their expertise in the Hispanic market is unmatched and they were instrumental in helping us grow the PeoplePC business. In addition, their depth and experience in the telemarketing field, combined with their business acumen and strong work ethics, are a powerful combination that produces significant and immediate results.

Howard Kamerer

CEO – Startec Global Communications

The world of agencies is filled with get rich fast schemes. Your business is based on common sense and ethics which, in the long run always out produces. Your quality is what sets you apart.

Tim Searcy


It was indeed a pleasure to see you again during my recent trip to the DR. You should be very proud of the facility you have put together, and I am very impressed with the approach to employee selection for programs. Thanks and congratulations.

Rajeev Agarwal

Vice President-World Partners – Acceris Communications

It is a great pleasure to express my gratitude for your unique and unprecedented contributions towards Acceris Communications 2004 success!

Laura Stockhausen

VP Operations – Frantz Group

TFG has grown their Vixicom team consistently and is now doing 8X the business compared to when the partnership began. The proximity of Vixicom to the US helped to improve our comfort level when working with them, as we could visit their location regularly for additional training, etc. Vixicom understands our corporate culture and the business problems we face. Vixicom is flexible and accommodating; they were open to us unrolling our processes within our team of reps.