Geographical Location

Dominican Republic is less than a 2 hour flight from Miami, FL. Proximity to the United States makes us a preferred near-shore option and we have over 50 Direct flights to and from the U.S. every day through States like: FL, NY, GA, NJ, MA, and Puerto Rico.

Vibrant and Stable Economy

For the last 25 years DR has had a stable and growing economy in the Private Sector. A visible sign of this is the abundance of international franchises that have set up shop in this country. Some examples are 3M, Johnson & Johnson, and recently IKEA. United States relations with the Dominican Republic are excellent, and the U.S. has been an outspoken supporter of the country’s democratic and economic development.

Telecom Infrastructure

Different from most Caribbean and Latin American countries, the Dominican Republic has not had a monopoly in the telecommunications industry since the early 90’s. We have the best telecommunications infrastructure within Latin America. Underground Fiber Optics, peer to peer connectivity to the States, several oceanic connections with Europe and Asia, among other factors, make the Dominican Republic the most advanced and redundant communications country in Latin America. On many occasions we have been the “guinea pig” of new technology for other countries, allowing us to test advances in telecommunications before it is officially rolled out, giving the Dominican Republic a head start

Time Zone

Due to the proximity to the United States, we share the same time zone as the Eastern part of the U.S. allowing the Dominican Republic to have the same working hours. This makes it easy to match hours of operation and our staff is available for our clients during normal working hours.

Company Location

Different from most centers in the Dominican Republic, Vixicom is located in the downtown area near well-known universities and closer to many residences providing us with access to over 500,000 outstanding candidates.

Cultural Affinity

The primary source of income in the Dominican Republic is Tourism. Dominican culture can be explained as a very big melting pot. Our country is a harmonious mixture of many different civilizations as evidenced by the vast range of languages spoken. Our official language is Spanish; however finding resources that speak English, French, German, Italian, and even Mandarin is not difficult. The diversity of cultures is easy to spot as soon as you step foot in the country, not only by the physical features but by the way we act, the clothes we wear, music we listen to, food we eat, television programs watched, etc. Dominican Republic has a little bit of everything making it easy to find quality resources for our clients.

High Quality Bilingual Agents

In many schools, English and French are taught at the same level as Spanish, not only do the students learn the language but they also learn the culture and the history. Dominican Republic has the oldest university in the Americas, University of Santo Domingo, founded in 1538. The commitment the country has in educating its people and allowing them to learn more than one language is outstanding and provides us with the advantage of high quality agents. Accent Neutral is the English spoken at VIXICOM. Even across the U.S. you will hear accents that are heavier in some States than any accent from our English speaking agents. Accent neutral is one of our keys to success.


We consult with professionals in the areas of VoIP, CTI, TDM, ATM, Data Network, Network Security, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, BackOffice, Linux, Asterix, Microsoft and Unix Solaris.

DR-CAFTA Agreement

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