What’s a B2B Telemarketing Service?

B2B telemarketing

Definition Of B2B Telemarketing

Have you ever wondered what B2B telemarketing is? have you heard it many times but are it’s still not clear to you? well, i am here today to resolve this doubt and explain everything you have to know about it.

Definition Of B2B Telemarketing
B2B marketing is one in which a company sells to another company and not to the final consumer. This means that they are all companies that create products or services to be consumed by other companies, being these the ones that ultimately satisfy the final consumer.

B2B Telemarketing Depends On B2C
b2b telemarketing

Even though it is not sold directly to that final consumer, B2B telemarketing depends largely on it. What i am trying to say? that the demand in B2B telemarketing depends directly on what exists in the B2C (business to consumer).

For example, imagine that you are a provider of gym equipment and that your customers are the gyms themselves. If the gyms market grows and demand increases, the B2C market will increase and so will the B2B telemarket. The greater number of people demanding gyms, the greater number of gyms demanding machines for their facilities.

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The B2B Market Has Less Consumers Than The B2C Market
How many final consumers are there in the world? millions and millions. How many companies are there? much less.

In B2B telemarketing, the market is much smaller, and the possibility of finding new customers is much lower. Even so, the value for each transaction is greater, so closing a client can mean a great long-term benefit.

Difficult Access To Customers

    Imagine that you have a company that sells shoes and you want to publicize to reach your target audience. You decide that you are going to do it with Facebook Ads, so you create a campaign, segment it with people who like pages of shoes and fashion. You add a budget and you’re done, you already have your campaign working and reaching directly the people interested in it.

    The problem in B2B marketing is that doing that simple action is a challenge. Now imagine that you are a company that supplies materials to that shoe company to manufacture them. How can you segment a campaign to reach them? What do they like or where do companies that sell shoes go? It is much harder to know.

    For this reason, B2B marketing is still slightly traditional in many aspects and marketing actions, such as fairs or direct sales are common in this field. However, others such as email marketing also work very well and require a lower budget and effort.

    The Use Of B2B Telemarketing
    As much as it may seem, telemarketing is still a tool with a good return on investment if it is integrated into a good strategy with clear objectives. It is a tool widely used in the B2B environment to get quality leads. But not everything is worth it. For these types of campaigns, if you want to have the desired results, some aspects must be kept in mind:

    – Have a good database of high quality. Primordial. We have repeated it many times and we will not get tired of doing it: a refined and updated database is one of the keys to the success of a telemarketing campaign. The registers must be valid and form an unequivocal part of the target audience to which we want to go (sector of activity, position, company, etc.).

    – Professional agents. Another important factor is to have a good team of professionals with the qualities that telemarketing demands: decisive, persuasive, able to pass the filters to get to speak with the desired person.

    – Implement the campaign as it progresses to optimize it completely. When the campaign begins, the agents and the supervisors will detect points to improve it and get closer to the objectives, and to squeeze every call. Thus, telemarketing campaigns will reach their highest productivity after a few days or a few weeks, depending on the complexity of it.

    When it comes to getting a B2B lead, human interaction, that is, direct contact with a person is very important, but it is also true that the cold door is “hard to peel”.

    Telemarketing, being a direct contact between people is much more efficient, because it does not take the same time as when someone tries to establish a cold-door contact, as we have already mentioned. The appointments that are achieved through a telemarketing campaign are quality appointments, in which the right person is waiting for us and ready to listen to everything we have to say. In many cases, if an agreement can not be closed at that time, it is very likely that the company will consider the offer in the future.

    In short, in a B2B telemarketing campaign, telemarketers are responsible for preparing the ground for the sales team to do their work, without wasting time and optimizing resources and results.

    B2B Telemarketing – Improving Sales
    It is extremely important to establish how B2B telemarketing helps companies to grow sales, maximize commercial equipment, and improve ROI (performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or compare the efficiency of a number of different investments).

    B2B telemarketing is a strategy widely used to reach specific customers, to whom a message will be communicated and information will be collected to perform the next step. In this way, qualifies potential customers, who are interested in the information provided by having attended a specific site, or by having attended an online seminar.

    In this way, you can use the data obtained to send information and special promotions, to tempt the client in each of the services offered by the company in question. The strategy helps companies grow their sales on a large scale and improve ROI effectively in the short and medium term.

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