Vixicom Wins Top Performer at At&T’s Summit Awards

February 7th, 2015; CALIFORNIA.  AT&T announced the winners of its 2014 award recipients at the 2015 AT&T Vendors Summit in Los Angeles, California.

VIXICOM started this year with full force by winning AT&T’S TOP PERFORMER award for ACCESS LINE & BROADBAND SAVE RATES; proving once again that we are committed to providing the highest quality in customer care and sales services.

“We are only as successful as our ambition of excellence.” Said Cesar Geronimo, Account Manager of VIXICOM; who continues to take the necessary steps in order to fulfill our mission to help companies deliver a superior customer-driven experience and achieve performance that exceeds expectations.



Vixicom is a leading provider of cutting-edge customer interaction solutions for companies located around the globe. Our international perspectivehigh-capacity seatingrigorous agent training program and an obsession for quality makes us the definitive sourcing partner for global organizations, including Fortune 500 companies.

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